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Form Request

Form Descriptions

Beneficiary Form

A form used to direct who will receive the participant’s account upon death.

Benefit Options Statement

A form that provides the distribution options for a participant who is eligible for payment from the plan. The following forms are also provided:

  • Benefit Options Statement Explanation – A detailed explanation of each payment election listed on the Benefit Option Statement.

  • Special Tax Notice – A detailed explanation of the tax implications on a distribution from the plan.

  • Frequently Ask Questions on Distributions

  • State Tax Withholding Form (if applicable) – In addition to the mandatory Federal Income Tax Withholding requirements, each state has its own withholding rules for income tax purposes.

  • Form W4-P (if applicable) – Election of Federal Income Tax withholding for periodic payments.


Blackout Notice

A notice provided to participants 30 days in advance of a significant change regarding investments. It states the blackout period during which some plan provisions such as distributions and loans may temporarily be unavailable.


Bonus Deferral Agreement

A form used to contribute part of a participant’s bonus.


Compensation Deferral Agreement

A form used to initiate or change the amount contributed to the plan from a participant’s paycheck.


Fee Disclosure

A statement provided to participants detailing the fees paid by the plan.


Investment Election Form

A form used to initiate or change the investment allocation of a participant’s account in a plan that permits the participant to direct the investments.


Loan Application

A form used to request a loan from the plan to a participant.


Notice of Intent to Terminate

A notice provided to participants 30 days prior to the termination of a plan. It describes the termination process.


QDRO Procedures

The plan procedures used to determine if a domestic relations order (DRO) received by the plan meets the requirements of a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO).


Safe Harbor Notice

A notice that provides information on the plan in order to help participants decide whether or not to start, continue, or change the amount currently being contributed to the plan.


Statement of Account

A statement showing detailed accounting of a participant’s account during plan valuation periods.


Summary Annual Report (SAR)

A summary of the plan's annual Form 5500 reporting form filed with the IRS/DOL.


Summary of Material Modification (SMM)

A notice provided to participants updating the Summary Plan Description (SPD) and informs them of plan provision changes.


Summary Plan Description (SPD)

A question and answer booklet that stipulates the plan rules. It states the provisions on eligibility, benefits, distributions, etc.

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