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Investment Options

We do not invest plan assets and do not act as a trustee, administrator, fiduciary, or investment manager. Please note the following:


  • The plan’s trustees manage the funds and/or use the services of investment advisors.

  • The appointed trustee has complete control over how funds are invested.

  • Any investment manager or multiple investment managers can be used to invest the plan's assets.

  • Any type of investment vehicle permitted by pension law can be used.

  • We work with hundreds of investment professionals.

  • Managed pooled funds and/or individually participant directed accounts can be used, as the trustee deems appropriate.

  • We evaluate the plan’s investments and account for each and every deposit, withdrawal, and investment transaction.

  • We act as an independent consultant.

  • We guarantee complete impartiality.

  • Our objective recommendations allow the employer, trustees, and plan participants to decide what best serves their needs.

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